6 Great Resources to make your Real Estate Marketing even better!

Real estatemarketing is all about the dream. You are not selling a plot of land, fourwalls and a roof, you are selling a lifestyle, a place, a culture. You areselling a home. There are plenty of ways to sell that dream and make it areality to any number of prospective buyers. I am not here to tell you how tosell a property. People have been doing that successfully long before Ibreathed my first breath on this planet. I am here to tell you that it’s neverbeen easier to get a leg up on the competition. The internet is filled withresources that will up your real estate game so high, people will think you arein bed with the mafia.

Sometimes thathelp can be overwhelming and difficult to sift through, so it is important toknow what you are looking for and where to look for it. We have gathered a fewgreat resources that will make your real estate marketing skills even better.Some of these will help to understand the market you are selling or developingin, while others will aid in other aspects of the development itself.

1 Find an Architect

Oneof the most valuable assets to any real estate agent or marketer is a goodarchitect - one willing to design buildings that are efficient, attractive, andmost importantly, will sell. The truth is, it is a lot harder than it sounds tofind that architect. Just like with any business, there are a lot of designersout there who may promise the world and deliver a rotten egg.

Architizeroffers a free service that allows you to do a comprehensive search for anystate based on project types ranging from residential to institutional. You’llthen be able to browse the best possible candidates based on body of work andclient experience, setting a gauge for which to set expectations for anyspeculative endeavour.

Youmight be asking yourself, why would an architect be useful to a real estatemarketer? While it’s true, by the time the marketing team has control of thesale, the property has already been designed, developed, and likely alreadywell on its way to being built. However, for real estate outfits that like tohave their hands in all the cookie jars, you might be working on a project fromconception all the way though sale. In these cases, an architect will be avital part of the team to make it happen. If they know what they are doing, itcan mean the difference between a profitable development and a monumentalsuccess. Not only that, but you can take pride in the fact you are making thecity a better place by developing interesting, sustainable, and attractiveproperties for everyone to enjoy.

2 Easy Render

Ireally cannot get much easier than this. Easy Render is an online freelanceservice that connects architects, designers, and real estate marketers withcapable 3D modeling and rendering software gurus who will produce realisticimages of speculative projects for affordable prices.

Thisservice has become invaluable to real estate agents and marketers. It is onething to have a beautifully designed condo building in a desirable locationwith luxury units, but it is an entirely different thing to have lifelikeimages of that property before the foundation is poured. Being able to showpeople exactly what you have to offer leads to more pre-sales than when Appleannounce the new iPhone. If there is one thing for sure: people want to knowwhat they are buying. The better and more accurately you can provide thatinformation, the higher the price you can demand.

EasyRender has its name for a reason. You can be connected to a freelancer on theother side of the globe, quickly and easily. From there, it’s a simple matterof correspondence with the artist before a quick turn-around. Easy Render alsohas other resources and information for software engineers and architects thatare helpful for smaller firms looking to brighten up their portfolio. A onestop shop, indeed.

3 Building Permits Database

This is a greatone for those of you who live in the United States of America (USA). TexasA&M University put together a national database that shows state and countydata for all permits being issued for residential purposes. You can search thedatabase annually and monthly, and separate the searches from single family tomulti-family projects.

This informationis useful for a number of reasons, the biggest being able to identify trends inthe housing market depending on where it is you are selling. The records don’tget as specific as to gauge the housing market in any particular neighbourhood,but it does paint a general picture of new or renovated housing market trendsall the way back to 1980. This information can be used to develop marketingstrategies based on educated forecasts of the future of the real estate marketas a whole. Historic data sites such as these help predict when to develop,when to sell, and when to hold onto those cards.

4 CBRE Research Gateway

Ifyou are doing anything in the commercial real estate market, the CBRE ResearchGateway might just become your best friend. To put it simply, they are theworld’s largest commercial real estate investment manager, making this researchgateway a valuable commodity for anyone getting into the field.

Youwill find research and reports on a global scale that can give way to investingtrends, marking fluctuations, and development growth in specific areas of theworld. The reports are detailed, and if used properly can give any real estatemarketer a huge advantage as far as what to invest where and when.

Thatis the good news. The bad news is everyone has access to these reports, soultimately it’s what you do with them that really counts. This is no pot ofgold or easy out, it is one of a number of important inputs that can informdevelopment decisions. It is important, as a real estate marketer, tounderstand the market so as to inform the rounding out of the target market. Iremember hearing something about knowledge being power?

5 HousingWire

HousingWireis one of the better ways to keep track of the housing market. At its core, itis a blog focused on providing news and data for buyers, sellers, clients andagents. A melting pot of resources any real estate marketer should be wellequipped to lean on. One particularly useful section of the website isdedicated to a blog where opinions from industry leaders offer insight intotheir thoughts on the current state of the economy, the housing market, andspecific aspects of development.

Thisshould not be a site you land on once a month. Rather it should become part ofyour daily routine. Drink it in every morning along with your jelly donut, hotmochaccino and the funnies.

Ifyour job is to understand the market and what people think about the market,this is a great asset - or at least one of them. If you lose touch with what ishappening outside your windowless cubicle, you lose your effectiveness as amarketer.

6 ArchDaily

Perhapsthe most well-known design and architecture blog on the planet, ArchDaily is animportant resource for marketers looking to zone in on the latest trends inbuilding design. Not only that, but the thousands of backlogged projects canprovide inspiration to do something great, and more importantly, something thatwill sell.

Nexttime you have a kick-off meeting with a group of designers, bring with you afew images of what you are thinking for the perspective development. Somearchitects will turn up their nose, but the good ones will work with you tocreate something beautiful, affordable, and market appropriate.

Architectsand real estate agents haven not always seen eye to eye when it comes to whatpeople want. The designer is concerned with how the thing looks, the agent isconcerned with how the thing sells. The marketer can unite the two into whatamounts to a successful project on all fronts. Utilizing these resources alongwith many others can go a long way to achieving that.